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CELUSAL has two manufacturing plants that have the capacity to satisfy the needs of larger and increasingly diverse markets, that demand permanent innovation and constant investments in human capital.

CELUSAL uses state-of-the-art technology in the production process and in packaging development.

The quality of CELUSAL salts is strictly controlled in the company’s own specialized laboratories in order to check compliance with norms about weight, grain-metrics, purification, drying and the amount of natural substances as iodine.


"The technology that extracts from the earth’s richness the markets finest salt"

The industrial plant for the production of fine salt is located at "Las Salinas", in the Burruyacú County, 15km. away from Tucumán´s capital city. Its raw material is extracted as salt-saturated brine from underground natural sources and brought to the surface with 100 meter - depth pumps.

After purification, it is filtered eliminating all impurities, so as to continue with
the separation of the sodium chloride contained in the brine.

The solutions are evaporated until the salt is crystallized. Then it is centrifuged to separate the salt from the brine. Crystals are dried. The salt obtained is weighed and the substances required by the Human Nutritional Code are added.

Thus, this industrial plant pours in a small saltshaker one of the greatest richness contained within the earth’s core.


"The industry that treasures all the flavor of nature in each grain of salt."

Timbo’s second industrial plant is located at General San Martín, province of La Pampa. That’s where the salt pit Colorada Grande is located, a place where sodium chloride at 98% purity is found. Its reserves are approximately 500,000,000 tons and harvests range between 250,000 and 700,000 tons per year.

The manufacturing process begins with raking and extraction of salt deposited on the salt pits floor. It is accumulated in huge piles and undergoes a seasoning and preliminary purification process for more than a year. Its final purification process is accomplished in several stages in a plant that is especially built for such purpose.

Once purified, it undergoes a drying process that evaporates the remaining humidity. Then, iodate is added according to the Nutritional Code requirements. Dried salt is then introduced into mills, transforming crystals into their several types: coarse, medium size and fine, after which they are screened and sent to different silos. Finally, automated packaging takes place.

This is how San Martin Plant turns this gift of nature into a product with maximum purity and renown quality.

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